November 'Stamping-n-Scrapping' Fun

November 'Stamping-n-Scrapping' Class!!

Make your reservation now to join in on the fun!! We will be making TWO 12x12 double-page scrapbook layouts and creating a fun make-and-take.

Phone: Kathy Ramey 903-839-3911 - Please RSVP by Monday, November 10th

Where: Chuck E. Cheese in Tyler, TX 75701 (Please RSVP)
This location was chosen because it is "kid friendly" - you can supply your little one(s) with tokens and they'll have fun running around while we "play" too!! :-)

When: Tuesday, Nov. 11th @ 6:00PM

Cost of class: $25. Or if you purchase $30 or more in products you'll receive BOTH layouts plus the make-and-take for FREE!!

I'll have the supplies cut and ready - so you only need to bring your scissors and adhesive. I will have some extra SNAIL adhesive for sale if you need it ($7, or refills for $5).

Okay - this has nothing to do with stamping - but I think comic relief is good for us all and this is adorable!

These two lil 'You Tube' stars are quite the duo. Wonder which one will be the handful? LOL

Pop-Top Can Tutorial - These make a Great Gifts!!

I came across this idea for a pop-top can and knew I'd found the perfect gift for my nephew's 9th birthday!

He loves the Disney 'Pirate' movies and, originally, I had thought I was going to buy him the latest DVD and matching game. But, as I soon found out, I wasn't the only one who had that idea! So it was time to come up with a new gift! ;-)

I decided that I would stay with the Pirate theme. So I pulled out my Stampin' Up! "Ahoy Matey" stamp set for the decor and for the gift I filled the can with hidden 'golden treasure' (C.E.C. tokens) and, as a special treat, included his own personal "booty" (a Visa gift card). He loved it! And I had so much fun making it!

Here's a tutorial for those that would like to make their own "pop-top can" gift.

Time to let the fun begin!!

  1. Gather your supplies. This project must dry overnight but it will only take about a 1/2 hr to an hour of actual hands-on time. (Time may differ based on your level of skill and amount of decorations you want to apply). This one did take me a little longer since I had the 'help' of my 4 & 5 yr old daughters' inquisitive natures! :)

    You will need:

    A safety can opener (this is important to avoid sharp edges & to be able to reseal the can)

    A can that has a pop top and an actual lipped edge to the bottom. In doing this I found out that quite a few cans now have "rounded/rolled" bottoms that the safety can opener can't open. I used a Campbell's Select Soup can because I needed it large...and I like the soup! :-) Note: I have seen where others have used cans with rounded/rolled bottoms and they have cut and resealed the top. Also, and I guess the can does not HAVE to be a pop top, but the "how did they do that" effect is funner and the receipient doesn't have to use a can opener to open it.

    Find your inspiration. What stamp set, marker/ink pad colors, and papers work with your ideas? As I mentioned...I knew I wanted a pirate theme, so I used Stampin' Up!'s "Ahoy Matey" stamp set. And I used the "Happy Birthday" from their "Voila" stamp set.

    Accessories needed - Crystal Effects (to glue the can back together); scissors, Scallop circle punch, sticky strip (red) tape, snail adhesive for decorations, and whatever decorative embellishments you would like to add to your design.

    Gifts/contents to insert in your can. Your imagination is your limit. You can use candies, gift cards, soaps, anything - One idea that I love but am saving for a future date (beware...) is one of those old fashioned snake-in-a-can gags. I have yet to locate a store that carries one without their own pre-made can...but give me time and I will ;-)

  2. Pull the label off your can. Take care to peel off carefully as you will be using it as a template to measure your new cover paper. (You could probably use a tape measure - I just didn't have one handy!).

    On the paper you will be using to recover your can you will need to use a pencil or pen to mark your cut lines. Be sure to write on the backside of your paper if you are using designer or two sided paper - and be sure to allow a little extra (about a 1/4") in length to lap over and seal with adhesive when you attach your paper to your can. Cut your new wrap out and be sure to check that it fits by doing a 'practice wrap' before decorating!

  3. Use your can safety opener to remove the BOTTOM of the can. Please be sure to wash your can out well with dishsoap & water (you never know who is allergic to what now-a-days). Set the bottom to the side, we will re-attach it later.

  4. Decorate your label with whatever design and accessories you would like - remembering to leave room for the overlap where your adhesive will be applied.

    Take the time, while your supplies are out, to decorate and punch out a round scallop for the top of your can. The scallop adds a nice touch and covers the usual printed material found on the pull-top lids. I probably could've added a little more decoration around the scallop but I was fine with the results for this gift!

    When finished, wrap your newly decorated label around the can. I used the Red sticky strip to attach the beginning of the new label to the can and to attach the ending of the label (the overlap) to itself.

    Fill your can with your suprises/gift. Remembering that you are loading everything in while the can is 'upside down', important to take into consideration if you want items removed in a certain order.

    When your decorations are complete, and your can is filled, it is time to apply the bottom lid back to the can. Continue to keep it upside down. Now apply a light amount of the Crystal Effects around the bottom of the can and press the lid back on. You might want to have a paper towel handy to quickly wipe any excess off if it happens to squeeze out when applying pressure. Place your punch on the can and let the glue set overnight.

  5. Enjoy watching your receipient try to figure out how you got their suprise in the can!!